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Service Pricing 

For basic service pricing please see below. 

To get the quickest and most accurate estimate for your job leave it to the professionals and we can take care of it all for you. Click one of the buttons below to CALL or EMAIL Rumbaugh Lawn Services and get your free estimate today.

Lawn Mowing/

Lawn maintenance jobs vary by many factors on a property such as location, terrain, property structures, landscaping and much more. The only true way to get a real estimate for lawn care is an in person estimate. Usually, a free estimate can be quoted within 24-48 hours. You can call or email Rumbaugh Lawn Services anytime even if not during service hours, to leave a brief description of your job and location. A professional will be in contact quickly.

Decorative Stone/Hay


-Mulching prices start at a basic shredded mulch ( red, black, brown) rate of $110/yd installed and can vary based on mulch type, distance to project location, terrain, and current landscaping obstacles (shrubs, trees, flowers, etc.). Install price includes delivery and placement of the mulch on the landscaping as is. Weed removal and landscaping textile layer pricing is NOT included. Landscape clean-up services and textile laying are available at extra cost based on in person evaluation. 

-Decorative stone prices vary based on type requested

-Hay Bales/Straw prices vary on amount of bales purchased and supply


Landscaping services can vary based on many factors such as job specifics, amount of debris being removed, amount of growth being tended to and more. An estimate for your job will be your best decision and easiest way to get the most accurate pricing.

All estimates from Rumbaugh Lawn Services are free from mowing to mulching and landscaping. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ground Breaking

Rumbaugh Lawn Services can provide you a great area to cultivate your own food. From a small starter patch to a large green thumb oasis let us get you there. Services for ground tilling on cleared ground are $1/sq. ft.. If the area needs cleared i.e. brush, shrubbery, existing landscaping in place already, additional costs will apply. We can configure an area for you based on your requested dimensions or simply measure your preconfigured area if you would like to do so yourself.

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